biomass magic stove with solar charging

Special key features of Agneekaa Magic Biomass Stove

• Multi  -Fuel Stove: It is the first of its kind multi-fuel stove in India capable of using wood, coal, bio-mass pellets etc without compromising on the efficiency of the stove.

• Less polluting: the smoke emission is reduced by 95% compared with three stone Chula.

• Greater Control: The flame can easily be controlled by regulating air flow.

• Quick ignition: Minimal start time.

• No Biomass stove in India has better start time than Agneekaa.

• Portable & lightweight.

• Free of cost: as the solar energy is available freely, charging of the battery is free of cost of the stove. Also wood is available almost freely through from forests

• All components are replaceable and repairable at low cost & can be done locally.

What is Agneekaa Magic Biomass Stove?

The 55% population of India still uses Chula in their homes which is very inefficient. The specific feature of our stove is that these people can use the same firewood they 

burn into Chulha, more efficiently and without the smoke like Chulha and much faster and cleaner way. According to the world health organization, emissions released

while cooking indoors with biomass fuels cause more than 400,000 premature deaths per year in India, mostly from acute respiratory diseases (WHO 2007).by using 

Agneekaa stove, we can reduce these figures remarkably as it is a low smoke stove compare with natural Chula.

Technical & Material Specification of the Product

Main frame :- It supports the combustion chamber & battery box of the stove. It is made from 0.8 mm thick CRCA sheets.

Combustion chamber :- it is conical shape bowl with air duct with hinge attached plate at its bottom. The fuel burns inside the chamber. Its shape helps to burn fuel

efficiently & properly. And the supplied air passes through the air duct. The hinged plate is lockable which is closed at the time of combustion of fuel and can be released 

for removing ash accumulated inside the chamber. Combustion chamber is made from 2mm thick hr sheets & air duct is made from 1mm CRCA sheets.

Battery box :- it contains battery, air flow regulating electronic circuit, blower box with motor fixed in it. It is made of 1mm CRCA sheet.

Motor for blower :-Small dc motor of 6 volts & 1800 rpm. Or 12 Volt BLDC Fan

Solar panel :- 6 volt 5 watt solar panel with cord is provided for charging battery with solar energy. As in rural areas availability of electricity is very much affected due to

load shading & most of villages having load shading about 18 to 20 hrs. a day. It is very critical to charge the battery of stove on electricity. At these conditions the best

option is to use solar power for charging purpose.

LED lamp :- As the availability of electricity is affected due to load shading in rural areas. People have to use kerosene lanterns for lighting purpose. Instead of using

these lanterns we are providing a 3 watt (0.15 mAH x 20 nos) LED bulb for lightening purpose.

Battery :- 6 volts, 4.5 ampere, lead acid battery which is maintenance free battery which gives back up of 19 hrs for using only for blowing air to stove purpose. & for both

blowing air & using LED light battery will last for about 10 to 12 hrs when charged full for 6 to 8 hrs.

Efficiency :- 26.68 %

Material used is Ms.

Power Output :- 1.47kw

Size in inch :- 14” Width: 8.6”. Height: 8.5”.

( Box ) Size in inch : Length: 16” Width: 10 ”. Height: 11 ”.

Weight (assembly): 6.720 kgs.

Battery: 6 volts, 4.5 ampere, lead acid battery which is maintenance free.

Solar panel: 6 v 5 watt solar panel with cord for charging battery with solar energy.

All components are replaceable and repairable at low cost & can be done locally.