biomass agneekaa gasifire stove 25000 watt

Know about Agneekaa Gasifire Stove (25000 Watt) Features

• LPG Burner like flame control.

• Eco Friendly.

• Easy to Operate and Handle.

• Easy to Clean.

• Short Payback Period.

• Low Ignition Time (08 Minutes) Than other Biomass Stove.

• No Heat Radiation.

• Uniform Temperature for Long Time.

• Happy and Healthy Cooking Atmosphere.

• Prompt After Sales Services.

• Easy Fuel Availability.

• Limited Warranty of 6 Month.

Areas of Usage

• Restaurants. • Canteens. • Hotels. • School. • Colleges.

• Mid Day Meals. • Community Cooking. • Caterers.

For Any of Large Scale Cooking Requirements etc.
Stove Details:-

• Main Stand:it is used to keep vessel on the stove.

• Pressure Plate:The perforated pressure plate, which plays a major role of maintaining proper pressure & temperature required to keep the flame burning when primary air is reduced to control the flame up to minimum level. Also the plate maintains the back pressure on the producer gas and prevents it from sudden expansion of gas resulting in blowing of the flame. It helps to burn the gas efficiently & continuously.

• Small Vessel Ring:It can be placed on the main stand for using small fry pan and kadhai for cooking purpose.

• Burner:Burner completes the combustion of the producer gases produced during the pyrolysis of the biomass pallets on the top of the burner. It has the provision of getting individual secondary air to the each hole from where producer gas burns. This arrangement helps the user to get flame control like LPG burner.

• Combustion chamber:The combustion is a assembly of the inner combustion chamber, outer pipe, & refractory. Outer pipe covers inner combustion chamber & refractories. In the inner combustion chamber refractories are fixed and it is used for the combustion of the biomass pallets. In this Gasifire, the pyrolysis of the biomass pallets is being done with the help of primary air only.

• Primary air chamber:There is a provision of primary air supply to the bottom of combustion chamber is

• Ash Plate:By pulling ash plate outside, one can collect the ash remaining in the combustion chamber into the ash tray.

• Ash tray:This is used to collect ash from the combustion chamber for neat & clean disposal of the ash remaining.

• Movable wheels:These are used to move the stove from one place to another.

• Controller Unit:It is used for controlling primary & secondary air supply. Basically it includes a battery, electronic circuit & two fans.

Technical Specifications: -
• Biomass Pallets capacity :- 10.00 kg (2 HR HIGH FLAMS )

• Material used is Ms.

• Size in inch : Length: 20.00” Width: 20.00”. Height: 26.00”.

• Size in inch ( BOX ) : Length: 25.5 ” Width: 20.00”. Height: 30.00 ”.

• Stove full Assly Weight: 62.00 KG.

• Battery : Optional 2 number , 12 volts, 7.2 ampere, lead acid battery which is maintenance free.

• Charger: 12 volts dc charger with 500 MAH constant current and constant voltage delivery.

• Dc fan : 80 x 80 dc fan of 12 volts.