biomass agneekaa premium nd stove

Indicative Cost of The Product

• Price is Rs 1750.00 inclusive of taxes & transportation

• Manufacturing capability: 5000 nos. per month.

• Area of operation for production: We,Swami Samarth Electronics Private

• Limited are cited in Ambad Industrial Area, Nasik, Maharashtra, India.

What is Agneekaa N.D. Premium Biomass Stove?

• It’s a biomass stove developed using Scientific principles and latest technology. You can use wood, agro waste, cow dung cakes, corn stalks, coal, coconut shell as the fuel in this stove.

Benefits of using Agneekaa N.D. Premium Biomass Stove.

• Low smoke comparing with mud chulha.

• Wood saving of 50% comparing with mud chulha.

• No need to blow air continuously like mud chulha.

• Its portable, so no need to put in a single place like mud chulha.

• It is front loading like mud chulha, so no need to cut wood in small pieces like other biomass stove.

Technical & Material Specification of The Product:

Sr No.

Part Name





Top Cap with Vessel Seater

SS 202 Sheet

0.6 mm

It covers combustion chamber & outer body with base.
Also it provides support to the vessel which is placed on the stove
with the help of vessel rest provided with top cap.


Safety Gaurd


6.0 mm

It protects from direct contact with hot parts of
the stove & provides safety against burning hazards.



Glass Wool

8.0 mm

High quality insulation which protects heat generated during combustion
from wastage which helps to raise efficiency of the stove.


Combustion Chamber

SS 202 Sheet

0.6 mm

It is specially designed chamber where combustion of wood takes place.
It is desiged accoding to scientific specifications and having secondary air holes on its top.
The air through secondary holes helps to complete combustion of wood.
It also has wood feeding opening at its bottom.


Outer Pipe with Base


0.6 mm

It covers combustion chamber and provides base to the stove.


Wood Feeder

SS 202 Sheet

1 mm

It provides base to the wood which is used for combustion.
Also provides air required for combustion of wood.

Some special key features of Agneekaa N.D. Premium Biomass Stove Suitable for a family of 4 to 6 peoples.
• Attractive design.
• Strong & Durable
• Low smoke emission due to use of scientific principles and latest technology in development.
• Smoke free fresh environment in the home.
• Less time consumption of cooking due to proper guided flame.
• 50% saving of burning wood causes in saving of money, time and Space required storing wood.
• Same taste of food like three Stone Chulha.
• No burn hazards due to safety grill.
• In summers the heat of coming out of clay stove is irritating. But Agneekaa ND Premium biomass stove is comfortable even during summers.
How to use Agneekaa Premium (ND) Stove?
• The procedure of using Agneekaa ND Premium Biomass Stove is very simple and similar to the
• clay chulha, except that it should not be washed with water. It can be
• certainly cleaned with wet cloth followed by dry cloth. This improves the
• durability of Agneekaa ND Premium Biomass Stove.