solar conduction dryer

Working Principle

Swami Samarth Electronics uses patented technology, combining principles of conduction, convection and radiation to dehydrate material, thus giving one of the highest drying efficiency in world resulting into highest productivity for given solar collector area.

Salient Features

• Totally electricity free operation resulting in to zero operating coast.

• Reduction in capital coast by 3-5 times than conventional solar dryers.

• Modular system providing dryer that suits to individual farmer as well as food processing industry.

• Customization loading capacity range from 3 kgs to 1000 kgs.

• Short Payback Period.

• A system that can be easily assembled and dismantled thus provides ease of transport and installation.

• Best suited to dehydrate vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs, fish and sprouts.

• Also useful in industrial drying of incense sticks, chalks etc.